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About Baptism

“I believe Jesus laid out and taught us the best way to live. I am committed to following Him – dying to myself every day and allowing Him to live in and through me!”

Baptism isn’t something that saves you. It’s a spiritual identification of Christ’s death and resurrection within you and a celebration of your new commitment to God. We believe that water baptism is a public declaration of three important things: you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are beginning a fresh start in Christ, and you are part of a new family.

Get baptized.

Baptism might seem like an unnatural way to share the news about our faith, but it is something Jesus has asked all of us to do, and something even he did himself. Let baptism be the start of many conversations you will have as you share your faith with others.

When we choose to live by the Word of God and accept Him as our Savior, it’s important to celebrate with our family, friends, and community!

Would you like to be baptized?

Don’t worry about what to bring for water baptism. Our team is prepared with everything you need including a Baptism t-shirt you get to keep.