Submerge FAQs

What are the hours of Submerge?

Drop off is at 8:30am and pickup at 4:00pm – both in the MPC at C3 Church.

What will each day look like for my child?

Each child will experience two large group worship services each day. In addition, they will be a part of a small group where they’ll discuss large group teachings and do a craft that supports the topic they’ve learned. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in outdoor recreation each day in the form of group competition. Their last day at Submerge, Friday July 8th, will include inflatables, circus games and an afternoon talent show. All parents are invited to attend the talent show.

Can someone other than the parent drop off and pick up?

Absolutely! But please coordinate those details with Submerge Conference leadership. You can email Sarah Buss at or make these arrangements at one of the Submerge parent meetings.

What is the Parent Meeting about?

The parent meetings are June 12th or 26th at 1pm in the C3 Church Meeting Room and will be an opportunity for you to preview information about the conference and ask any questions you may have. There will also be a notory available to notorize your child’s medical release form for the conference. If your child is not yet registered, you can take the time to register them at one of these meetings.

What will the kids be eating?

The menu for each day is as follows:
Wednesday lunch: hot dogs, chips, water
Wednesday snack: clown cupcakes
Thursday lunch: pizza, fruit, water
Thursday snack: Barbells (pretzel rod w/ marshmallows)
Friday lunch: Chic-Fil-A sandwiches, chips, juice box
Friday snack: Cotton candy, funnel cakes
*Children with dietary restrictions are encouraged to bring a replacement meal / snack.

Who can I contact to receive more information?

You can email Sarah Buss at