Day 1:

Today we’re learning to “live like you know God is with you”! Remind your kid today that they are never alone because God is with them.


Joseph and his Brother • Genesis 37, 39-45, 50:19-20


Live like you know God is with you.


“I have come so they may have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.” John 10:10 (NIrV)


Today, your child learned about the story of Joseph and his brothers. Joseph had a lot of high points and low points in his life, but he learned to live FULLY ALIVE through all circumstances. We reinforced this lesson with a few activities and crafts. First, your child decorated paper motorcycles and gave examples of highs and lows in people’s lives. Next, they unpacked the story of Joseph while they engaged in playing/creating with their motorcycles on a miniature Motocross track. They also played a game that tied into our conference mission which teaches them about hunger in Guatemala (see mission section below). They enjoyed interactive team play during game time and finished the day with live teaching and prayer time in a large group atmosphere. Tomorrow, we will continue teaching your child about how to live FULLY ALIVE with Jesus!