Special Events Child Care

  • As you are planning your event and desire childcare services, please fill out the following form at least 3 weeks in advance. It is the minister over the event’s responsibility to update the kids’ tally weekly until the date of the event. Please understand the following costs and ratios associated with child care, and make the appropriate notation in your ministry’s budget. In addition, if snacks or crafts are to be provided, that cost will also fall under the ministry overseeing the event. Overseer: $10/hour (every event will have at least one overseer) Adult: $9.25/hour Teen: $7.25/hour RATIOS Infant-1yr 1:3 1yr-2yrs 1:4 3yrs-Kg 1:6 1st-6th 1:10 *Note: When a teen is in the classroom, the ratio is doubled. For example, a teen in the 1st-6th room would be 1:5.
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  • RSVP Kids Tally

    As RSVP’s are received, please keep a tally of the kids in each age bracket that are expected to be in attendance.