You Have To Stir By Hand

When you buy natural peanut butter there is peanut oil at the top that you have to stir in the peanut butter.   It takes a little time and so I’m always looking for a more convenient way to stir in the natural oils.   I had a conversation with a friend and we were wondering if a hand held mixer would mix it all up.   The answer – NOOOOOOOOO!!!   It will,  however,  get oil all over your kitchen.

See this afternoon I was getting the peanut butter ready and I decided to try the hand held mixer.     The mixing blade went into the peanut butter very easily so I thought this is going to work.  Turned on the mixer and the jar spun out of my hand and threw oil ALL over my kitchen.   Now, my kitchen is very clean and I realized you have to stir the peanut butter by hand.  🙂

Have fun stirring,


  • Two ideas I’ve learned since starting to buy natural peanut butter for my family this time last year for fasting (and we decided we liked natural better and never switched back to the super sweet stuff).

    1. If the oil is all on the top, dump the peanut butter into a bowl to mix it up–just more room to work. OR
    2. Store the jar upsidedown from the time you bring it home from the store until you’re ready to open it. This will mix the oil back in pretty well without all the stirring when you’re ready to eat it.

  • Niki

    Too funny…and I’ve got a jar that I will GLADLY send over! Natural peanut butter went the way of the veggie hot dogs with the last fast…remember the ‘whatever I needed to hear has already been heard’ story?

  • Erin

    That’s awesome!! I’ll stick with the spoon and old fashion elbow grease:)

  • Dawn

    I can’t seem to get the old fashioned spoon and elbow grease right either Erin :). I stirred mine earlier and had peanut butter/oil running all down the side of the jar. Guess I should of used a bowl :)!

  • Emily

    i agree with Rebekah, the skippy all natural peanut butter is amazing!

  • I heard peanut butter is good for your hair:)…

    Here is a little trick to go along with your beater. Take one of your Snickers Jar tops and drill a hole in it just big enough for the back of the beater blade to fit in. Then place the beater blade through the lid w/o the beater itself, screw on the top and hook up the beater. Beat away…its covered with a lid now:) hold on tight.

    To follow an earlier comment, we also store our peanut butter upside down until we use it.

  • You guys are no fun. This is the adventure of being on a Daniel’s Fast!! How many new ideas, recipes and concoctions can we come up with, or maybe that’s just me.

    Martha, I have found the solution to our dilemma. Check this out.

    I wonder if it would work?

    Happy Fasting everyone! It’s a new decade, a new year…and praise God it’s a new day!