You Can’t Give THOSE Away!

Two weeks ago, on Palm Sunday, we had Barefoot Weekend at C3.  It was a church-wide servolution project where we collected shoes for those in Haiti and the Triangle area.

As a mom I found myself acting in ways that kind of shocked me.  My kids brought out the shoes they wanted to give away and my first thoughts were, “You can’t give those away.”  Then my kids said things like, “I don’t want to give used shoes”, “I feel like God wanted me to give these shoes”, “You guys have taught us to be generous”.   So after I killed my flesh I knew they were right.   So we not only gave shoes we didn’t wear any more, but  we also gave shoes we loved to wear, knowing God is our provider and we are blessed to be a blessing.

But you guys did the same thing bringing thousands of shoes.   Some people even brought brand new shoes – WOW!  that is awesome!  Somebody brought Addidas shoes with socks tucked inside.    Love it!!!

We collected over 12,000 pairs of shoes on Barefoot weekend, and they are still coming in!

C3, we are blessed because we have shoes to give away and still have shoes to wear! Everyday, 300 million people walk around without a pair of shoes.  Thanks for being part of the solution!

Here’s a recap video of one of the most emotional services we’ve ever had at c3 church.

Special thanks to Jennifer Pierce with Share Our Shoes for their partnership, Pastor Kerry Shook from Fellowship of the Woodlands for inspiring Pastor Matt to collect shoes and Pastor Dino Rizzo from Healing Place Church for casting vision for Servolution!

  • Absolutely awesome!!!

  • Jane Figueras

    i must admit to being one of those mom’s too. one of my sons gave away a pair of new shoes. my first thought was “why those? i just bought them.” another son said “mom, we shouldn’t give anything away that doesn’t cost us.” my thoughts exactly. it didn’t cost my sons, but me…. well, after that flesh moment, thank God the Holy Spirit took over & made me realize that here, in the U.S., our family would have plenty of opportunities to acquire brand-spankin’ new shoes many times over. another son gave all his shoes away & stayed with one pair. so, yeah, my lesson is that my kids have learned well. thankfully, they’re still patient w/their mom 🙂

  • Jill Skinner

    Isn’t it amazing how our children are a reflection of the things we (with God’s help) have taught them? I like to believe that God fees that way about us too.