That’s just one of the many comments I heard about First Wednesday. (maybe we should call it Worship On Wednesday?) It’s so awesome when you have a worship service planned and God steps in and just moves in a powerful way. It seems like every time we gather together for worship, God is up to something big and special. The praise and worship was fresh and powerful… watching the 21 new believers celebrate new life through being baptized was amazing… and to have hundreds of people up front on their knees worshiping are memories that I will remember forever. What’s so awesome is that I know that many people’s lives were changed forever.
Check out what one person had to say about Wed. night and their baptism celebration…

“The one thing that I experienced for the first time is an excitement about what heaven must be like. I’ve always cognitively known that Heaven will be awesome. But last night I felt like I experienced a little taste of Heaven that makes that knowledge take on a whole new meaning and excitement. Words can’t even begin to express how wonderful and special that feeling is. I hope it’s memory will always stay fresh in my heart.”


Be sure and join us this weekend as we kick off our new “Get In The Game” series… You never know what God might do… Bring a friend and let’s experience God’s power!

  • Bradley

    Oh how true!! I’ve never been in any service like that before. Praise God not only for His vision, but His follow up!!

  • Steven

    Pastor Matt what an off the hook amazing time in the presence of God. Wed was a special night in our families lives as well as our church family. It was a, let’s never forget how Jesus showed up, memory. Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and leading us to King Jesus and His Fathers throne.

  • J. Dunn

    My family and I have only had the pleasure of visiting C3 once, but we hope to make it back in the near future. While we weren’t at the First Wednesday service, I imagine it’s such an example of God’s work that has helped to make C3 one of the fastest growing churches in the country, according to a new survey by Outreach Magazine. (Check out … )

  • Kristina Weeks

    Pastor Matt:
    Wendsday night services are powerful! You are a great pastor and i’m so happy i am able to go to C3. I also have a quick question: do you have to be a member of the church to be baptized? If you could email me back with some more info that would be great!! Thanks.

  • Gwen Wall

    Pastor, Wednesday night was AMAZING! I feel blessed to be a member and serving in such an awesome church! It was great to see two of our very own children’s ministry volunteers get baptized and then the night was FULL of jam packed worship! I am so excited to see what God is going to do these next few weeks during “Get in the Game”! Wednesday night was only the beginning… 🙂

  • Richard

    That was the most amazing First Wednesday service!! I still get goose bumps thinking about how God showed and showed out! I began to cry when I saw so many lives that were impacted. It was truly an honor and priviledge to be a part of something so powerful!

  • Chris P.

    There is nothing better than when the Holy Spirit is in control and we follow His lead. What a precious time it was to be in His presence that night. It really was, in my opinion, one of the greatest times of worship at C3 I’ve experienced thus far.

  • Katie L.

    There is no doubt in my mind that God showed up at C3 that Wednesday night. I came by myself, straight from work, so I was exhausted and surrounded by strangers, but something happened during our first few songs. Not only did it feel like God was annointing our band, by the second, with talent and with words to Pastor Matt, but I distinctly remember feeling incredibly humbled and energized at the same time. In that moment, we were not just a bunch of church members meeting at church on Wednesday night, but we were instead simply and entirely God’s children, only capable in that precious time together of loving everyone and showing God how much we love, need, and honor Him, not in church- but in His holy presence. I look forward to experiencing more of God’s love with my C3 family in our days ahead!

  • Tammy Jacquay

    Wednesday night was so amazing. I love it when God shows up like that. I hadn’t worshipped so hard since Exhibit camp. It is so great to be in a church where the pastor allows the spirit of God to take over and move. I can’t even imagine how much more amazing worship in Heaven will be.