World Changers

This last weekend, we had the privilege of hosting Dave and Jean Ohlerking. They are the founders of Children’s Cup… an organization that provides assistance to children who have been affected by AIDS. For the past 14 years they have been making a huge difference for the kingdom in Southern Africa. I’d encourage all of you to join them in the remainder of their 40 DAYS OF PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN… it concludes September 9.

(Dave and Jean)

It was great to spend time with them and hear the miracles that God is doing through their ministry.
(Dave and Me… He’s telling me about a woman who was bit by a deadly snake but God healed her… cool story.)

They are truly world changers as they are on the front lines of reaching hurting people. You guys rock!
(Dave and Jean with my kids)

  • Cierra Combs

    hey i love the pictures your kids are beautiful..and i have a little sugestion..i think that the names of the songs that we sing should be put up on the screen for us to at the end or someting. because there are a lot of songs that we sing that me and my mom like but we never know the names so we dont kno what cds to get..just thought that it would help out not only my family but others as well..thank you

  • Erin

    I got a chance to speak with Dave and Jean briefly after one of the services. They are super sweet people. I have learned so much about their mission by doing the 40 Days of Prayer for the Children’s Cup. You know, you hear of the problems in that part of the world but during this opportunity to pray with them, I have learned so much. They have been blessed with a great group of people. They just beamed as they recounted some of their experiences and about the people God has placed to come along side them. What a wonderful couple they are and what a great cause they serve. It has been an honor to pray for them! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FIRST WED. AND GROUNDBREAKING WEEKEND!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!

  • Mike

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated with what you’re doing, it makes it easier to pray specifically for you, your family, and the work God’s using our church for.

  • Chris

    I’m so glad that we’re going to support this beautiful couple and their ministry! I’m so proud of our church for making this decision.

  • Tammy Jacquay

    I am honored to be a part of what God is doing around the world. It is always great to have guests like Dave and Jean come visit C3.

  • Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday, Pastor Matt! Thanks for all you do in leading C3 and developing the “flock” to serve His Kingdom! I am excited that we are going to give 10% of the Dream offering this weekend to world missions and have been doing the 40 Days of Prayer for Children’s Cup…I sure hope we send some of the money to them as they are doing a wonderful work in a part of the world that truly needs it! This is my first BLOG entry EVER…welcome to the 21st Century! My fast this week has been to give up EATING OUT and am going to give the money to the DREAM campaign…maybe some others would like to try this too!
    God Bless you and your family, including the C3 family. You are always in our prayers for protection against Satan’s schemes!