Work and Pray

Work and Pray.  The sixth point from “The Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated.” I believe is directly applicable for even non-graduates alike. Like a college graduate, how many of us have ever felt like we faced the daunting question of; “so God, what comes next?” We like fresh college graduates entering the workforce for the first time can hope…God will show us beyond any shadow of any doubt that He will show us; exactly what our job should be, and remove any doubt from our minds that we are making the right choice! This can sometimes lead to placing so much internal pressure on ourselves that we can become fearful in making any decision at all.

When you find yourself in this situation, a simple phrase can be useful. It goes like this; “do all you can do in the natural, and God will do the supernatural.” We are called to give God our best, so we continue to walk in obedience in times like this, while giving it to the God. Seeking his wisdom and direction. Remember, pray about it, apply wisdom and then boldly go where God leads!