Will Your Ministry Outlive You?

A while back I started using an app called Timehop. As you may know, it’s an app on your iPhone that will show you pictures and other things you’ve posted on social media in previous years on that date. Today a pic popped up from 4 years ago of my friend, and co-founder of the ARC, Billy Hornsby after his last meeting with the ARC lead team.


Billy was more than just the pioneer of a church planting movement and a leader of leaders, he was like a dad to me and a grandparent to my kids (as he was with so many). For example the weekend that my father passed away he drove up to see me even though I told him I thought I’d be fine. I was still in shock from losing my dad and he knew that. He drove up, spent the weekend with me, and preached all of our weekend services so that I could grieve and begin to heal.

I will never forget our last meeting with Billy as he shared his heart with us and his desire for each of us and the future of the ARC.

He requested 2 things:

No Matter What Happens Love Each Other.

He knew all of us on the ARC lead team were highly driven leaders with different perspectives and ideas. He wanted confidence that we would love each other above all else.

Always Remember The Little Guy.

By that he meant don’t overlook the guy who, on the surface, may not look like he has a lot of potential. But who, if we pour into them, God can use beyond what we could imagine or think.

I will never forget being with Billy at a John Maxwell roundtable and afterwards He was invited to dinner with one of the Executive leaders. But, he made a different choice. He had already planned to have dinner with a young twenty-something intern and pour into him. He knew that if he could pour into a young leader that was teachable he could have a great impact.

So what are the take-aways? As a lead team, we all knew there would only ever be one Billy Hornsby. No one could take his place, but if we all took a handful of pastors and leaders and poured into them, we could continue the ARC vision to plant 2000 churches and raise up the next generation of leaders and church planters.

As a result, Martha and I started the Get Real Network last year. It’s our attempt to reach out and pour into other Pastors, church leaders, and business leaders. Each year we host a couple of Get Real Exchanges that provide an intimate setting for pastors and leaders to connect with each other and to be encouraged and inspired. Martha and I GET REAL and share from our life, ministry, and marriage – some of the challenges we have faced and how we overcome them. We also bring other guests that God is using to pour into the group as well. Get Real is not just for men, but for women and spouses. You can even bring your team or staff with you. We try to keep it as inexpensive as possible and provide you with resources that you can take with you.

Our next Get Real Exchange is Thursday, February 19, 9am – 3pm. Our special guest will be Pastor Chad Veach. He’s a former student minister for Judah Smith and is currently planting a church in LA. He will also be preaching that night for our Thursday night service at 7pm and you are invited to stay for that as well. You will be blessed by Chad Veach, and Martha and I will be sharing as well. If you want more information or would like to register go to GetRealNetwork.com