Will You Take the 21 Day Challenge?

This Sunday, January 11th, we are beginning a 21 Day Challenge and I’d like to encourage you to join us. What is the 21 Day Challenge? It is beginning the year by giving God 21 Days to renew your MIND, BODY and SOUL. I believe how you start something will determine how strong you finish and will also give you momentum to experience all God has for you!

So here’s the challenge:

The first 7 days we will read the book of Psalms. I will provide a reading plan on my blog and each day there will be a scripture and devotional here. In fact, the reading plan will include all 21 days and you can read the entire book of Psalms in just 3 weeks!

The second 7 days we will exercise for 20 minutes every day. You can choose whatever exercise you wish. Walking briskly, running, bicycle or any kind of cardio to get your heart rate up. If you want to add another element, listen to the Bible while you are exercising. That’s what I do.

The last 7 days we will fast. This is a Daniel Fast which means that for 7 days you will eat primarily fruits and vegetables, and cut out the meats, sweets and breads. You can go to MarthaFry.org for more info and some incredible recipes.

And if you want to take the SUPER 21 DAY CHALLENGE combine each focus as you go along or do all 3 the entire 21 Days. They say that if you can do something new for 21 days it can create a new habit or routine. It’s amazing to me how many people go beyond the 21 days and they have healthier habits throughout the year. I don’t know about you but I want to live a long full life and to give God my best!

Will you join us on the 21 Day Challenge?

Week One: Mind (Jan 11-17) – Read Psalm 1-56 in these seven days

Week Two: Body (Jan 18-24) – Exercise 20 minutes a day, Read Psalm 57-100

Week Three: Soul (Jan 25-January 31) –Daniel Fast, Read Psalm 101-150 and continue exercising 20 minutes a day.