It’s hard to believe that after months of prayer and preparation we will be launching C3 Church Raleigh in about a week!  There have been so many little and big miracles along the way to get us to this point. The only way to explain everything is that God has done it.  You might be wondering…. Why C3 Raleigh?  Do we need another church in Raleigh? What’s this all about?  Let me share with you a few things that are on my heart…

1. LOCATION. We have hundreds of people who have attended C3 Church Clayton from the Raleigh zip code.  In fact in 2008 there were 275 families that attended at least once that we know of. Having a campus in Raleigh will be a shorter drive and more convenient to bring their friends and neighbors.

2. GROWTH. Christmas weekend of 2007 we entered our new 65,000 sq ft. addition that includes a 2000 seat worship center. We started with 2 services and due to growth we now have 4 weekend services: Saturday, 4:30 & 6:30pm, and Sunday 9:30 & 11:30am.  In order to continue to provide seats for people who need hope we need to be willing to think “outside the box”.  By embracing technology we can video the sermon and use it multiple times in either location.

3. HOPE. There are so many people in the triangle area that have never experienced real hope. I heard recently that 79% of those who live in North Carolina are not involved in church.During these challenging times so many are searching for meaning to life and peace of mind that we know that we only find real hope in a personal relationship with Jesus.

4. GOD.  The final and most important reason we are launching a new campus in Raleigh is that I feel strongly that God has led us to. It’s much easier to stay in our comfort zone than to step out into new territory but when God gives the vision our responsibility is to just obey.  I don’t know all that God is going to do but I’m excited to see all that God does as we begin this new chapter at C3 Church.  

So help spread the word as we prepare to launch March 29 in the new North Hills cinema in Raleigh.  We will begin with two services, 9am & 10:30am. C3 CHURCH; One Church, Two Locations.

  • Rod

    Thank you for being so obedient to God’s call for you to “step out of the boat” to begin C3 Church Raleigh. It has been an honor to come alongside of you and Martha to make this dream a reality.
    We cannot wait to see the lives that will be changed for eternity as a result of Jesus Christ using us in Raleigh.
    Rod and Amie