Why All Access 09?

April 27-29 we have the privilege of hosting the All Access Conference here at C3 Church, Clayton, NC.  You might be thinking why another conference?  And that’s a great question.  All Access isn’t just another conference, but an opportunity to connect with other pastors around the country. It’s perfect for staff and leaders who want practical tools in specific areas of ministry.  It's also an opportunity to connect with an organization that is planting churches all over the U.S.

All Access is an annual conference sponsored by the ARC (Association of Related Churches), a network of churches that have a passion to plant churches.  All Access is for:

  • All pastors and staff that would like to network with other leaders
  • All leaders that want to be inspired to grow passionate churches
  • Those who are interested in planting churches.
  • Those who want to who may want to replant their church.
  • Anyone who wants to be encouraged and challenged as a leader.

Speakers for this conference include Ed Young, Dino Rizzo, Stovall Weems, Billy Hornsby, Joe Champion, Rick Bezet, Chris Hodges and Matt Fry.  To register you can go to AllAccessConference.com  We’ve made it affordable so that you can bring your entire staff and volunteers.