Who’s Going To Win The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl

I have to admit after my Carolina Panthers got knocked out of the playoffs I lost some interest in the NFL playoffs… but you gotta love what the Arizona Cardinals have done.  They’ve got a QB that is close to retirement age that everyone thought was washed up, leading his team to the biggest game of the year.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have a great story too, led by QB Ben Roethlisberger.  This guy has been through a lot… motorcycle accident, injuries, etc.  So I am looking forward to watching the big game this Sunday night. 

Here’s my question, who’s going to win?  Cast your vote and for those that choose the winning team, I will put your names in a hat and draw a name.  The winner will get a FREE book by Tony Dungy, “Quiet Strength”.  Cast your vote by leaving a comment.

Who Will Win The Super Bowl?

A. Arizona Cardinals
B. Pittsburg Steelers

Also, this weekend at C3 Church is SUPER WEEKEND.  We will be launching a brand new service on Saturday night.  Our new schedule will be Saturday 4 & 6pm and Sunday 9:15 and 11:15am.  This weekend we will be recognizing all football players and coaches in our weekend services and they will receive a free gift.  Our special guest will be Anthony Sullivan, head coach at Northern Durham High School and I will be speaking on “How to Live the Super Life”  So wear the jersey or colors of your favorite NFL team and join us this weekend for one of our 4 services!

Super Weekend slide

  • We are pulling for the Steelers to win!!

  • Tim Arthur

    The Steelers will win (B)

  • pipes

    Cardinals will take it!

  • april

    Steelers all the way!!

  • Lisa

    Tom Brady is my main man (I’m from Boston orginally and a die-hard Pats fan) but Kurt Warner comes in a very close second. Not only is he a phenomenal quarterback, he’s a good Christian man who sets an example by his faith. I have to root for a guy like that!
    Plus, the Cards deserve a win. They’ve never gotten one.
    As long as the Cards can stomp through the Steeler’s D, they have a very good shot at winning.
    Go Cardinals!

  • Cindy Huie

    Arizona Cardinals

  • Liz Berger

    Cardinals all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Liz Berger

  • cherie barbeau

    Arizona Cardinals all the way!

  • ann


  • Kim Beasley

    Go Steelers!! (that’s my vote!). Of course, I wish it was the Panthers, too!

  • Theresa

    The Steelers will win! I just have a feeling!

  • Dana

    Here we go Steelers!!!!

  • caleb fry

    arizona yeh!!!!!!!! GO CARDINALS

  • Cory B.

    Unfortunately I will have to vote Steelers!!

  • Ellen Carroll

    Let’s go Arizona!

  • Jen Butler


  • Becky Pfennigwerth

    The Steel Curtain is coming down!!! Here we go Steelers here we go!!!

  • Jill

    I will always be a girl from Pittsburgh in my heart!!! So I have to say “GO Black and Gold!!!” The STEELERS for sure!!!! 🙂

  • Erin

    I’m going to say…..Arizona Cardinals:)

  • Carrie Reger

    Although I am a hardcore Panther fan. I have to say I am pulling for the Cardinals. If you are familiar with Kurt Warner’s personal story (this link is from an old article, but informative) http://www.cbn.com/entertainment/sports/kurtwarner_2002.aspx, you can’t help but pull for him to reach yet another successful title. He is a wonderful man and athlete!

  • Becky Gwartney

    Arizona Cardinals – gotta cheer for Kurt Warner, a fantastic Christian man, and a team that represents the state in which you were born! Hello … draw your sister’s name out of that little hat!!!!!

  • Tom White

    Steelers will crush them

  • Nicolle Murray

    Pastor Matt, its the Steelers all the way! thats a no-brainer! lol (: GO PiTTSBURGH!!!!!!

  • I say Steelers!!

  • Greg Stout

    Gonna have to go with the Cardinals… Kurt Warner is an amazing Christian & Quarterback.

  • Victoria


  • Karen Dawkins

    Cardinals… they’re on quite a roll and have that champion attitude!

  • Betsy Otero

    The Steelers will win!!

  • MaryAnn

    I’m a PA girl so it’s STEELERS ALL THE WAY!! GO BLACK AND GOLD!!! My husband is even pulling for the Steelers and he’s a Cowboy fan! “The things we do for love!”

  • Lisa Pate

    Arizona Cardinals

  • Kristi Craig

    As much as I admire Kurt Warner, I have to pull for the Steelers! Let’s go Roth!

  • Jim Davis

    Steelers of course!!! Need one for the other thumb.

  • Mary Williams

    Arizona Cardinals are going to win!!!!!!
    Kurt Warner took the Rams there and won and now he is going to do it for the Cardinals.
    Going to be a good superbowl and close scoring too.

  • I like Kurt Warner and hope the Cards win, but I think the Steelers will win. You decide how to count the vote.

  • Darrel R.

    Go Cardinals!! They’ve earned it!

  • Tina Patterson

    Go Arizona!

  • Hannah

    The steelers are gonna win……I Hope

  • Jeff King

    The Cards are a healthy team and the are ready to win they have been wanting this for a very long time

  • Joseph Baldock

    Steelers… they’ve won just about every Super Bowl they’ve been in.

  • Rod

    Go Cardinals!!!! Can you find a Cardinal in Arizona?Seems a lil hot.
    Praying for Kurt Warner.

  • Duane

    Even though I love red, I have to go with the Steelers. Kurt Warner is a great man of God.

  • Kristian

    im pulling for the steelers! <3

  • Beverley Webber

    ARIZONA CARDINALS will be a close game though!

  • Erich Webber

    PITTSBURGH STEELERS hoping they can set the record for most SuperBowl wins!!

  • Minnie Dominguez

    (B)Steelers! Go Steelers. I do wish is was Panthers too.

  • Kristi Godwin

    We are pulling for the Steelers! Go Steelers!!

  • Arizona!!!

  • Chris Haase

    The Steelers will win, guaranteed. Don’t forget Tony Dungy was a Steeler!!

  • jean ohlerking

    the entire ohlerking/rodgers clan are pulling for the cardinals. that’s 20 of us. i think that should be enough to make ’em win!

  • Michelle T

    I’m pulling for underdogs….Cardinals!