Who Has Made A Big Impact On Your Life?

I was asked this recently so I thought I’d write down a few thoughts.  There are so many that God has used in my life.  My dad, Dr. Jerry Falwell and my older brother. But the one I want to share is my pastor, Dr. B. 

My first full time Student Minister position was at Bethany Baptist Church in Snellville, GA in metro Atlanta. I was 22 years old and thought that I knew it all. But actually I knew just enough to be dangerous.  God used Dr. B. in my life to teach me the need to be disciplined and to have Holy Spirit led goals for my life and ministry. Our staff would meet at the altar of the church every morning at 8am for prayer (actually we met at 7:59am). It was under Dr. B.’s leadership that I learned the power of the Holy Spirit and that God still heals today. He wouldn’t hesitate to anoint you with oil and pray for God to do a miracle in your life. He taught me about worship and that there is freedom to worship God and express your love and passion for Him. 

Thank you Dr. B. for allowing God to use you in my life and help shape me as a Minister of the Gospel as a young man. I am who I am today because of you.


So who has had a big impact on your life?

  • I’ve had a lot of people who made a difference in my life at different points. My youth pastors, a cousin, tons of people through Church Online, and others. Lots of impact!

  • God doesn’t give to us what we ask for. God always gives to us something better. Still remember it to this day. And, this one: People don’t care what you know until they know you care. Wasn’t that one of his also?

  • Kim

    Kenneth & Gloria Copeland greatly impacted my life. As well as Trinity Broadcasting Network,
    with all who have preached & taught through that TV screen.