When One Hurts, We All Hurt

As a body of believers, what affects one of us, affects us all. Yesterday was a sad day for our church body.

In the morning, one of our students was hit by a car. Yesterday she underwent surgeries on her leg, and today she is having surgery on her jaw. Let’s pray together that God will heal her in a way that even the doctors will be amazed, and that He will receive all the glory.

Another gentleman in our church was killed yesterday afternoon in a car accident. Let’s pray together for his wife, that God would bring her peace during this time and a supernatural comfort that only He can provide. She and her husband started attending C3 while she was a nurse for Baby Isaac.

Through the trials of yesterday, we know that God is in control, and that His plans and His purposes are for good. Be in prayer for these families this week and in the weeks to come as God comforts and heals them.

Praying for you,

  • karen

    One of our kids said, “satan can’t steal our joy! C3 is too strong for this.” Church family, he doesn’t fully comprehend what he was saying, but he is right. The FAMILY of C3 is amazing. Our prayers make a difference. May both families feel God’s love right now and through it all.

  • Jen Hall

    I was actually in the hospital for surgery the day after her accident. She was on the same floor. She was my hospital buddy. Maria is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She is very humble. And gives all the credit to God. She is strong and a true inspiration. God is going to use her and her story is so many ways!