What’s Up With Twitter?

About a month ago I was at the Innovate Conference in VA and my friend Ed Stetzer was sending out updates throughout the conference.  I asked him what it was all about and he shared that he communicates a lot through Twitter and he encouraged me to do the same.  I didn’t really know what he was talking about but I wanted to be as “cool” as Ed Stetzer so I thought I’d give it a try. 

About a month later I have posted 388 updates, I’m following about 58 people and 208 people are following me (which means that they receive my updates).  I’ve discovered it’s an awesome way to stay connected with ministry friends from around the country as well as the C3 staff.  It’s simple to do and a great way to know what others are doing and how to pray for them. Just go to twitter.com and you can get set up… my Twitter is @mattfry. You can also set it up to update your Facebook status automatically (through Facebook).


Some of my favorite Twitters:

@marthafry – are you surprised that she’s listed first? She’s looking for more girl twitters!
@dinorizzo – nothing like getting creative updates from this surfer turned pastor
@rick_bezet – this Cajun is crazy and funny.  If you want to laugh you need to follow this guy!
@jeffkapusta – he’s a veteran.  He was twittering before it was cool.
@ErinAJones – the top pastor’s assistant in the country. (hint: be sure and put the A in her name)
@gregsurratt – from Seacoast Church, SC. I love his twitter updates… except he talks too much about the Cubs and the Gamecocks.  But at least those two teams have something in common.
@billyhornsby – if you like hunting, eating and LSU updates you’ve got to follow Billy.
@maurillio – from Nashville, TN is one of the funniest out there in the twitter world.  He lives on the edge.
@clayn – Any guy that pastor a church called Barefoot has got to be cool.  I love hearing what’s happening at Myrtle Beach.
@rodgray – a newcomer to the twitter world (I think 3 days) but he’s got the touch.
@edstetzer – and last but not least the Bishop of twitter Ed Stetzer. He’s in the know of what’s happening in church life and he always makes me laugh (check out his Home Alone Week updates… HAW)

This weekend we will continue our “twelve” series, and by the way, we have a twitter @12followers where you can get series updates.  You can also go to www.12followers.com and watch the service LIVE (Sat. 6:00pm, Sunday 9:15am and 11:15am), share what you are learning, or post a comment.  I’m pumped to share with you this weekend what’s on my heart about the 12 followers of Jesus that changed the world.

  • Lisa

    It’s nice to see a Pastor/church using social networking as a tool to reach the people. I’ve been using Twitter for nearly a year now. It’s a great resource to get the word out. I’ll be sure to “follow” you soon.
    God Bless

  • Thanks for the Blog/Twitter love. What you call “living on the edge” usually gets me in a ton of trouble. Here’s a link to my recent post on top 10 ways I get in trouble with Twitter

  • Rod

    Thanks for shout out!
    I still cannot believe people really care what I am doing following me on my Twitter.
    Happy Twittering!

  • Danny

    I see where Dino Rizzo has on his site that he’s going to be at C3 next week. Is he going to speak to everyone or is this a closed meetin