• Pipes

    I’ll I can say is “WOW”! They kept coming! I guess you could say “If you add another service…they will come!” God is good! Get ready, C3! The harvest is upon us!

  • Kevin

    God continues to use C3 in a HUGE way! Even when we get the Garner campus up and running, and then the new sanctuary built, we will STILL be playing cath-up. Praise God for the lives that are beig impacted.

  • clay baggett

    3200 and counting. God is good. Can’t wait for 2007. How about the worship team!!!!!!!!!

  • Jones

    Amazing…just amazing!! The C3 family worked it OUT on Christmas weekend!! We missed you guys tonight but Pastor Billy Hornsby “brought it” C3 style tonight. A great service and a great message to get fired up for 2007! Happy New Year!

  • Patience

    what an awesome weekend!!! God was exalted in the house! thank you for your leadership, pastor matt & martha. C3 is truly home!

  • Debra Wyatt

    I am interested in the Garner Campus. How may I be of service?Please respond soon so I wont have to worry Debbie HaHa.