What If…Everyone Prayed?

James 5:16 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (NIV)

Just think about it for a moment…. What if everyone prayed?  I’m not talking about saying “grace” at mealtime, or reciting a memorized prayer before you go to bed.   I mean what everyone had a conversation with God about something really important in your life. Take a moment and ask yourself, when was the last time you shared your deepest feeling with God and sought out His response? When was the last time you simply sat still and let God speak to your heart?


Too often in life as Christians we invite Christ to be our Savior but then never move beyond an acquaintance level with the God who love us.  What I mean is, we fail to regularly take the time to slow down, talk to God, and listen to what He has to say.  We need to think of prayer as a lifeline in our relationship with God. Without prayer (conversation with God) our relationship becomes one sided and stagnant.  Lack of prayer stunts our growth.


Take a few moments and write down how and when you interact with God?



Prayer completes your relationship with God.  Prayer is the simplest act a Christian can perform.  It’s simple a dialogue between you and God. No advanced education or knowledge is required.  There are no rules to when and where you can talk to Him.  Whether you are at home, in your car, on a walk, or in church prayer only requires an act of your will.  It’s like when a man and a woman say “I do,” they change from being individuals to being partners in a marriage relationship.  The same is true of your relationship with God.  When you accept Christ you have the Holy Spirit within you and all the potential that brings. Prayer is one of the keys to unlocking God’s power and purpose in your life. As you daily interact with God through prayer through regular, honest communication and interaction your relationship with God moves past the “altar” and you experience a deepening intimacy with Him.


One example of how to pray is “The Lord’s Prayer” found in Matthew 6:9. Jesus’ prayer illustrates the key ingredients of effective prayers and is a pattern for us to use when we pray.  The first letters of the following four words form the acrostic “ACTS”.  When you pray this week follow this acrostic to help you develop a balanced prayer life.


Spend the next 5 minutes praying through the “ACTS” acrostic. Writing what you pray in your C3 Journal will help you track what God is doing in your life.


A – Adoration – Acknowledge God’s character and His attributes by praising Him for who He is.


C – Confession – Agree with God on where you have sinned and seek His forgiveness and help to do His will.


T – Thanksgiving – By Thanking God for both pleasant and unpleasant experiences and situations you show God that you trust Him as He leads and guides you.


S – Supplication – Make requests to God to intervene in situation in your life as well as those around you.


And, as you pray, ask God to reveal to you what He would have you commit on Commitment Sunday and what He would have you give on SUPERNATURAL Offering Sunday, November 21.

Written by: Randy Boschee








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