What? I Can’t Have Sugar?

This is what my doctor told me a little over a year ago. See, I was having some major health issues, including eczema. I could not get it to clear up, and it actually just kept getting worse. I tried to cover up my hand as much as possible because they were so red and looked awful, and it started spreading up my arms. One morning I woke up and my eyes were swollen almost shut. I did not go out in public for a few days.

I have had eczema since I was a little girl so I knew what it was like to manage it, but this was becoming unmanageable. I knew I was not going to do the usual medical routine because I had done that my whole life and it never cured it. The medicine I took to help the itching made me sleepy and the cream to put on my skin made it thin and had other negative side effects.

By God’s grace I found a medical doctor who also used natural remedies and diet to help heal disease. So after running many tests, one of which was the ALCAT food test, we realized I had food allergies and my stomach was messed up. One of the first things she told me was, “NO SUGAR!!!!” not back off on sugar, or watch your sugar intake she said, “NO SUGAR!!!” She also said no milk or milk products and a list of other foods to avoid for 6 months.

I remember leaving her office almost in tears and very overwhelmed. I prayed and asked God why He couldn’t just heal me. But He reminded me I could still eat and there were a lot of choices out there. I was just going to have to make some changes in my diet, but if I wanted my body to heal this is how it was going to happen. I just had to do this for 6 months not life…

Well, it has been over a year now since I have had sugar or milk products on a regular consistent basis. My skin started to heal within the first month and within a few months the eczema was completely gone. My hands have never been completely clear of eczema or been rough from dry skin. Even my kids go to hold my hand and say “your hands are so soft”, because for years they were not.

You may be asking why didn’t you go back on sugar? Because I realized how great I felt not having sugar in my diet, my skin looks better, and a lot of diseases feed on sugar. I am hardly ever sick. If I get a cold it never lasts as long as the norm and I haven’t had the flu in forever. I even read somewhere that cancer feeds on sugar.

I know a lot a people during the Daniel’s Fast tell me how great they feel and how much energy they have and that is because they are taking bad things out of their diet and putting good things in.

So I write this blog to say you can make changes in your diet and lifestyle. It is not easy. It was not easy for me. There were days I had a pity party and felt sorry for myself, but then I realized God was doing this for my good. My overall health was changing for the better. I lost weight, I had more energy, I didn’t have mood swings, and many other benefits. So I would challenge you to look at how much sugar is in your diet and start cutting it out and see what great benefits there are. It not a quick fix, you may not see visible results right away so give yourself a time frame. I would encourage you to go 6 months without sugar and see what happens. I promise you it will be an adventure of a lifetime. You will learn some things about yourself good and bad but the journey is worth it.

Let me know what you think or if you take the challenge, how I can help.

Hugs! Martha