What Did She Say?

Hey C3,

I wanted to share this encouraging word with you that was on Christine Caine's blog the day after she left C3.    I had to read it about three times!  



What an incredible weekend we have just had at Raleigh,
North Carolina with Matt and Martha Fry and the C3 Church. We landed on Friday
night from Munich after having to RE-land in Chicago after take-off because of
landing gear problems (a very disconcerting sight to have fire engines and
ambulances lining the runway upon approach!) We knew it was going to be a
hugely fruitful weekend… so we had meetings with pastors and leaders and
Kingdom Builders, church and women and it was awesome. Over 200 decisions for
Christ were made and we had a packed 'chick night' last night with an
incredible atmosphere of faith and expectation. This is a ROCKING church!!!

When we were driving to church, I could not believe where we
were – it was the middle of nowhere and I thought to myself, "Who would
come? There are no people out here!" and then there is this amazing 2000
seat sanctuary, phenomenal cafe and facilities and PEOPLE everywhere!!! Ok so
now I know that no matter where God has placed you, you can believe Him to
grow, and enlarge your church.

After speaking to so many women over the weekend, I cannot
wait to release my new book "Can I Have and Do It All Please" as the
cry of women seems to be "I so want to step up to the purposes of God but
HOW can I make it all work?" Everywhere, God's daughters are stepping up
to the plate – this is a pivotal and crucial time for the women. I really think
that the new book touches on real issues that everyday women are facing.

We are starting the epic journey home – 15 hrs till we leave
from LA tonight (we need to get there from across the country) and then 14hrs
to get to Sydney… then the drive home… Wow, when I said "Here I am
Lord, SEND ME!" I don't think I realised quite what/how that was to work itself

It is Vision Sunday at Hillsong Church Sydney this weekend –
this is my 20th Vision Sunday – what an amazing journey it has been and what a
powerful foundation to be firmly planted in a strong life-giving local church
for two decades – I have a lot to be thankful for.

Ok, doors closing – gotta run! Remember to Live the Dream
and Love the Adventure – these are EXCITING times in which to serve Jesus.

Love Chris xxx


Matt and I just wanted to share this with you and how proud we are to be part of such a life-giving church that is full of faith and expectation.  We love you guys!


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