What an amazing weekend!

This weekend we hosted our first ‘Next Generation’ leadership conference, and it was amazing! There were over 350 leaders here from C3 and 15 other churches. It was a powerful time!

Jim Wideman, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was the main speaker for the conference. He has dedicated his life to serving in children’s ministry. He delivered powerful messages about parenting and leadership in the church. He talked about the importance of connecting with our kids at home, as well as being effective leaders in our ministries at church. It was incredible!

At C3 we believe that children and students are not just the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today. They have a place in ministry today and we believe God desires to use them to serve in His house, even at a young age. We have students of all ages serving in different ministries of our church, and it is such a blessing to see them using their gifts and talents today as they prepare for their future.

If you missed Fuel, you can stop by The Source and get CDs of the conference. Included in the packet will be Jim’s sessions, as well as breakout sessions led by Tami Poland, our children’s minister, Scott Randlett, our student minister, Doug Randlett, executive pastor of Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg, VA, C3 kids volunteers, and myself!

Have a great week!

  • I wish so bad we could have been there. We really miss our C3 family. Sounds like it was an awesome weekend.