What an Amazing Two Days!

I am amazed all that God did this weekend at Accelerate. All the sessions were life changing!

It was a taste of Heaven…friends from all over, great teaching and experiential worship, and getting to hang out in the coffee shop with friends until late at night! I didn’t want to go home!

Take a look at some of the highlights of Accelerate 08!

See you tomorrow,

  • Al

    Glory have mercy!!! Pastor Matt had better stay on his “A” game ’cause if he “stumbles,” Pastor Martha is a shoe in!!!! HA!! I have to say it again…
    GLORY HAVE MERCY!!! if Pastor Martha didn’t “throw the Word down” this morning in worship.
    After the service today I tried to buy so many copies of this sermon that my credit card kept “denying purchase,” until I finally could only get four copies from my credit card!!! HA!!
    But four copies I did take home and two of these are ALREADY in the mail heading to their recepitants!!!! What a great, great, great, great duo leadership team we have at C3 church!!!! HEY GANG!! if you did not get to hear Pastor Martha today, live…..GO IN DEBT AND GET THE CD!!!!! Best indebtedness you will EVER do!!!!