What an Amazing Place!

This past week Matt was asked to speak to the staff at the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. What an honor. I felt like I was going to see Moses or somebody close to him. 🙂 I really didn’t know what to expcet – but it was amazing!

From the time you drove on the grounds it screamed excellence!! And our whole experience was excellent.

I knew it would be cool to go, but I was not ready for all the emotions that hit me. Going through his library and seeing how God used One man and his organization to spread the gospel inspired me to dream big. Seeing how Billy Graham was such a huge part of history, and seeing pictures of his amazing wife and their children, it was indescribable. Even going to the gravesite where Ruth was buried and one day Billy Graham will be buried was so beautiful and peaceful, and a reminder that this life will end and to live it for God’s glory.

Matt did an amazing job speaking. He talked about reaching the next generations with God’s love. I was so proud of him. When he was first asked to speak I thought – what do you say to Billy Graham’s staff? But he did a great job encouraging them to be vision carriers and to continue to reach this world for Christ.


This is one of those experiences you can’t explain, you just have to experience. So if you are looking for a great family trip, go visit the Billy Graham Library.


Reaching the next generation,

  • What an amazing experience!! Beautiful family picture!!

  • Kim McKinley

    Hey Martha, I am a member at C3, and EVERY week, I am desperate to hear you sing “Hosanna”. My sister and I almost lost our mother in March, and currently its still an everday battle, that song was one of the songs we listened to in prayer, every minute of the day. If you could sing your heart out one day and sing it, it would mean so much. I’ll see you tonight for 1st Wed.. and again at 11:15 EVERY Sunday!