What an Amazing Day!


What an amazing day we had Sunday!  When I drove on campus at 7:00 that morning, the campus was full of volunteers.  Children’s Ministry was setting up snow cones and preparing for their services; Student Ministry was setting up flags around the driveways, and First Touch was setting up coffee stations.  It was great to see all of our teams working together at an early hour to prepare God’s House.

Fourth of July weekend  is normally a low weekend in attendance for churches, but what we prepared for and planned in the natural, God came and put His ‘super’ on it and made it a supernatural weekend with record crowds.  Matt delivered a powerful message on courage to a crowd of people, full of first time guests.

Outside, we had the 88 car, a military helicopter, WQDR broadcasting, and free drinks and snow cones.  Among all of that, there were news teams and newspapers here reporting and taking pictures.  We had an article in the News & Observer, and they compared Matt to Bono from U2!  Wait…I thought Bono had hair?  🙂


With all the extras of the weekend, the greatest part is that the name of Jesus Christ was exalted and lifted high, and many people were drawn in to hear His message for the first time at C3.

  • dks

    excellent overview and powerful results. Thanks/go88/ Jesus is King! ks