Welcome to my new blog!

Today I join the blogging world.  I know people have been doing it for years, but it is taking me a while to catch up.  Hey, I just looked at Face Book last night. (If you don’t know what Face Book is ask your teenager)

Someone might be asking why start blogging and why now?   Matt’s been blogging for a while now and a song keeps going through my mind “Anything you can do I can do better……”  (Just kidding)

The reason I am starting a blog is because I really want the people of C3 to feel connected and supported during our 21 days of Prayer and Fasting.   I know a lot of people are stepping out and trying something they have never done before and trusting God like never before.  So Matt and I both want to support you with devotionals, Daniel’s Fast-friendly recipes, and encouragement!  So check in every day and we will take this amazing journey together.

Hugs to you all,

Easy dinner (for the Daniel’s Fast):

Brown rice – (cook it in the morning or the night before so you won’t have to wait for it to cook)
Cans of black beans
Organic salsa (no added sugar or perservatives)

Cook rice.  Heat beans.  Put rice in bowls, add beans, and top with salsa.

  • karen

    Can we add some gourmet Daniel fast recipes [from Rob, not me :)]?

  • Leigh

    Congrats on joining the blogging world!!! Looking forward to the recipes and the support with the fast. The cross looks amazing, Rod and I saw it yesterday after we got in from The Great Beach Escape. Good luck with the blog!

  • dan

    It looks great. Cant wait to see hat all God does through you and your blog.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Martha, Glad to see you blogging as well. I go to Matt’s blog quite often and it will be great to have both of your insight! I wanted to tell you that I wanted to participate in the fast but I’ve felt driven to give up so other things. I’m giving up all sweets and myspace.com! I go to this website everyday. My girlfriend and I are both doing this and we are going to be our support group. I’m ready to see what God has planned for me! He is an awesome God! I look forward to the next 21 days! God Bless and have a wonderful day!

  • Karen Bryan

    Thanks for the great dinner idea!! Here’s a breakfast idea. I’m going to try making oatmeal with real oats and sweetening with either honey or some 100% fruit juice and add some raisins.

  • carlyn Canady

    Welcome Martha! Thanks for the recipe ideas! Looking forward to more!

  • Elizabeth Parsons

    I’m excited that you have entered the blogging world! I personally have never experienced Face book, but have enjoyed Pastor Matt’s blog and now have more to enjoy with yours!
    My recipe is EASY:
    Stop at the veggie stand & get some tomatoes (NOT from the grocery store!) and slice them & enjoy! My favorite summer side!

  • Beverley Webber

    WELCOME Martha, so glad you are blogging too!!!
    Thanks for the recipes, and hope there are more to come! Living in the culteral wasteland that is Goldsboro, hard to find Organic or Natural stuff so a shopping excursion to Raleigh or Cary is in order!! BUT we do have wonderful fresh local vegetables at our local stand! just from reading the first couple of entries I have learned some things we can have!!!
    We are so psyched, we are new to the church, new to christ, so this fast is great timing for us, it feels like this is the starting point of our christ led lives!
    have a great 21 days!

  • Dan and Torey

    Hey Martha, just wanted you to know Dan and I are SO on board and excited about this fast. We have done many before and know the power it’s power. Strongholds are broken in the Spirit rhelm and the enemy is stopped in his efforts against us as we take our commitment to a new level…also I personally love stomping in the devils head and rubbing our victory in his face…was that nice?

  • welcome to the blogging world! i am proud of you… and i can’t wait to taste these recipes!

  • Debra Wyatt

    Last night for diner we had oven roasted tomatoes with garlic and pesto,oven roasted Boca burgers topped with portabelo mushrooms Organic brown rice with almonds Chilled herbal tea, unsweetened, then we had a bowl of fresh strawberies,cantaloupe and grapes.Around 9:00 the tv went off and we spent some quiet time reading the Bible then we prayed together.This seems to be working for us…..Til the whole world hears

  • Debra Wyatt

    I wanted to share with you some of the unexpected and plesant surprises we have experienced since the fast began 1. we’re still doing it 2.I’m cooking most every night 3.I make my husbands lunch.4.We’re saving mony(after the first grocery store run)5.Our prayer and bible reading time together is priceless, as a couple we have taken a GIANT STEP into Praise and worship.In all thy ways acknowledge him .I’m so excited and inpatient to see what else will be revealed to us.EVERYTHINGG BELONGS TO HIM,,,Debra