Weekend Recap

What an amazing weekend Matt and I had! Friday night we celebrated our oldest turning 16.  (Are we old enough to have a 16 year old?) It was a great night of being with family and friends!

Also on Friday night Pastor Robert Barriger arrived in town and spoke to the staff. (you can listen to the leadership podcast here). On Saturday we had the honor of spending the day with him!  He is a true hero of the faith!  He has been a missionary in Peru for 29 years.  He pastors a church with 12,000 people; has 7, yes 7, service each weekend; runs an orphanage and a home for girls trying to get off drugs and the street, and is currently building a home for girls caught up in sex trafficking.  His church has given out 50,000 wheelchairs to people in need all over Peru.  He also just wrote a book entitled Honour Found, which you can get in the Source.  When I grow up I want to be like Robert and Karyn Barriger! I want to have that kind of impact here in Johnston County.

Pastor Robert & Matt

Pastor Robert and Karyn pastor Camino De Vida in Lima, Peru.   They have two children, Taylor and Jena, who both married Peruvian’s and have kids of their own.   Both Taylor and Jena serve in the church. They have a great family!

Pastor Robert spoke an awesome and challenging word at both of our weekend services. You can listen to it here and watch it here.

Also on Saturday, our team of 17 who went to Haiti returned and were in church Sunday!  We are so proud of Katie and Lee Chatham for leading the team!  This week different ones will be writing about their experiences in Haiti and I will be posting it on my blog.

On Sunday, we had an incredible time of worship, of just being in God’s presence.  Here are the songs we did.  I want to encourage you to download them and listen to them through out the week.  Have your own worship time with God.

Holding Nothing Back –  by Jesus Culture on the cd Consumed

Sing My Love – Jesus Culture on the cd Your Love Never Fails

Forever Reign  – by Hillsong on the cd A Beautiful Exchange

Stayed Amazed – by Gateway Church on the cd God Be Praised

Solution – by Hillsong  on the cd I Heart Revolution

May God Bless you this week,