My Teammate

We had an awesome weekend of worship at C3! …Powerful praise and worship, loads of passion, and a powerful message by my wife, Martha, as we continued our series “Can You Hear Me Now?”. I am so blessed to have a wife that serves with me in ministry. She’s not only a great leader, but an awesome communicator. (check out this week’s podcast)
(Martha after speaking at 4 services…. Still smiling)

I am amazed at the team that God has surrounded me with. Thanks, Martha, for being a great mom, wife, and partner in ministry!

  • traci carithers

    Yes i agree with you Matt that was a wesome sermon by Martha, she is great to listen to. God is doing great things in Her and yourself. Keep up the great work for God..

  • Kellie

    Hey Pastor matt. I really liked Mrs. Martha’s sermon. I am really excited to go to church next week

  • Anna Moellman

    Martha’s sermon was off the chart!! She has so much enthusiasm and conviction and that definitely comes through in her words. I am thouroughly convinced that she should write a book and the title should be “Don’t Stand Too Close to the Ledge…the Devil Might Pull You Off!”…

  • Chris

    I finally listened to this message from Martha. It’s awesome! No wonder her CD sales have kicked tail in the last few weeks. Better watch out Ps Matt!