Attention C3 members… As we prepare for one of the biggest and most exciting weekends of the year, I am asking for your help…

  • PRAY for those that will be attending, that God will touch their hearts in a big way.  There will be many hurting people that need a relationship with Jesus and/or they need a miracle.  I’m so thankful that God still does miracles!
  • BRING a friend with you.  A great idea is to bring them Saturday night and then take them out to eat before or after.  You can also invite them through facebook or c3church.com.  You never know… God might change their life!
  • ATTEND  SATURDAY NIGHT! If at all possible, please attend one of the Saturday night services.  This will free up more seats on Sunday morning for first time guests.  This past Sunday at 11:15am we were at capacity and this weekend many more will be attending. 
  • PARKING – If you are a C3 member, please park as far out in the parking lot as possible to free up more parking spaces for new guests near the door.

I can’t wait to see ALL that God is going to do.  See you this weekend! 


  • Karen

    See you Saturday!