Walls, Roof and Pink Hard Hats

These are exciting days at C3. Our dream of providing more seats for hurting people is near the half way point. We are on target to be in our building for Christmas weekend 2007!
This past week they have been putting the walls up and the roof is near completion. Over the past few days, Martha and I have had the privilege of giving tours of the new building. Someone found her a pink hard hat. They knew that was the only way we were going to get her to wear a hard hat.
I want to thank Ken Stephenson, Executive Minister at C3, Steel Dynamics and the entire construction team for doing such a great job. Let’s keep praying, working and sacrificing together! The best is yet to come!

  • Jordan Leino

    Nice hard hat Martha! Now that’s safety with style.

  • jones

    I love the pink hard hat, Martha. We can always count on you to bring the style factor up a notch or two at C3! I agree these are exciting times and I am honored to be a part of it.

  • karen

    Martha, You look mah-velous!!!(But what I really want to know is… is this a style thing or a reference to the April 4th blog??? Just kidding!)
    Love ya! 🙂

  • C. Bolduc

    Nice hard hat pinky, that’s a way to stay safe.

  • ken

    Two pink hats are on a hat rack when one hat says to the other. You stay here I’ll go on a head.
    You go Ms. Martha and thanks for all you do.

  • Anisa

    What we didn’t see were the pink work boots!

  • carlyn

    i want a pink hat!!! shouldn’t all the women get pink hats?????

  • rob

    Are you sure you’re OK with her borrowing your special hat?

  • Bruce

    You may be onto something, Martha, with the hot pink hard hat. Besides starting a style trend, it may be safer too, as it would stand out more from 50 feet in the air! Now we need bright orange ones for the guys!

  • Bryan

    It’s awesome to see all that God is doing at C3! I listen to your podcast and have been praying for you guys in this project.
    When the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt, Nehemiah 10:43 says that “the sound of rejoicing could be heard from far away”.
    May it be so with you. God bless.
    P.S. Pink hard hat…cuh-lassic!

  • Al Ballard

    Hey Martha, is that a PRADA Hard Hat? Wow! I’ve got to have one. Its very becoming.

  • Dan Goodson

    Pink and hard hat hmmmmmm, what has construction sites come to? LOL

  • Michael Norwood

    Best looking couple to ever put on hard hats!

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