I am so fired up about Vision Night tonight at C3.  Some of my favorite services of the year are when we gather together for our vision nights and get a glimpse of what we
are believing God to do. God has called me as the Lead Pastor to cast
the vision from God and God has called the C3 Church family to carry the
vision. A healthy church has:

Vision Caster
God calls a leader to share the vision and rally God’s people to a cause bigger
than themselves.

Vision Carriers
God calls the church family to join hearts and hands together to fulfill God’s
dream for our church, community and world.

The core of our vision hasn’t changed in the 12 years of C3.
Our vision comes from God’s vision in Matthew 28:19-20. We believe that God has
called us to EXPOSE the gospel to the unchurched, EQUIP believers to become
fully devoted followers of Christ and EXPERIENCE God through using our gifts
and abilities in ministry. We like to put it this way…. To provide REAL HOPE
for REAL PEOPLE in a REAL WORLD! But how we live it out and how we apply it
does look different for each church and in each season. 

Tonight I am going to share my heart, I’m going to challenge
you, I’m going to share with you some really exciting updates of what God has
done and what He is going to do. Get there early tonight.  Be prepared for a move of God.  Remember… it’s not my church and it’s
not YOUR church it’s HIS church and He says “Upon this Rock I will build MY Church  See ya tonight at 7pm. 
If you live outside the area or can’t make it you can join us online