Vision in the Morning!

This morning I got up early to go speak at North Garner Middle School to their A/B Honor Roll Students.  This was such a great privilege and honor.  And, one of the coolest parts was seeing several of our C3 students and their parents there being honored.  

I got the chance to speak to the middle school students and their parents about the importance of having a vision for their life and how having a vision, even at a young age, affects our decisions and choices in our everyday lives.  

God is so faithful to open doors for C3 to reach out to our community and it is our desire and passion to serve our community as God opens doors.

Principal John Wall and his staff were so inviting and there were lots of middle school students honored for their hard work.  

Thanks again, North Garner Middle SChool!
  • Martha, I am sure you we’re awesome at this event!! It reminded me about the time you did such a great job speaking at our church a few years ago (Women’s Conference). That was one of our first times being connected to C3. We have come a long way since then and C3 is a big reason why. We appreciate you guys so much and we look forward to seeing you at All Access. The excitement level at C3 must be off the charts!!