Training Leaders in India

Martha and I are in Chennai, India trainining about 800 pastors and church leaders. What a privilege to be equipping pastors that are being used by God to reach their local communities all over south India! On the way to India we stopped in Paris and visited Hillsong Paris. What an amazing experience. This church is only a few years old but has about 800 people meeting in a downtown theatre. They are a bright light for Jesus in a city that needs God’s love and hope.


(Here’s a picture of me and Martha at Hillsong Paris)

  • Dan

    We are praying and believing God is using you in a big way in India. I hope your having a great time and not getting to hot.

  • pipes

    Awesome! I’d love to go someday!
    Take care and we love you guys!

  • Chris and Alicia

    Have a great time. Just wanted to give you an encouraging word.
    The Bible says that 1 man can send 1000 to flight and 2 can send 10,000 to flight.
    If you and Martha are training 250 pastors, that means (if I did my math right – lol) they have the potential to reach over 1,250,000 people.
    How cool is that! You are Kingdom Builders.
    Love you guys – see you soon!

  • anasa tadrau

    dear sir, greetings , please i miss your arrival here in india. for teaching leaders and pastors. anyway if you do come later ,another time,please let me know. i am in nagpur city on a ministry called global mission, i can travel to chennai to attend your class. thanks .

  • Duane

    I know God is using you and Martha in a huge way over there. Kelli and I are praying for you daily. Stay away from those nasty viruses. We will see you soon.