Top 20 Pics of 2008

2008 was a great year! Here are some highlights…

Here’s a view of C3 Church at night. We had our Grand Opening in January 08.


Enjoying a Basketball game at Liberty University.  Caroline and Caleb with the mascot.


Visiting the burial site of one of my hero’s Dr. Jerry Falwell. What an amazing Pastor.


C3 staff, Scott Randlett and Christian Painter getting crazy doing a skit for Super Bowl Weekend


Quail Hunting for the first time with my friends Chris Hodges, Billy Hornsby, and Rick Bezet.


Starbucks in Paris


Training 800 Pastors and Leaders in South India


My kids Caleb and Caroline with the VeggieTales guys.


Me and Caleb with the #88 car, Dale Jr. at C3 Church for God and Country Day.


Sitting in Dr. Billy Graham’s office with my family after speaking to their staff.


Praying for Rick Warren at the Innovate Conference a few days before he hosted Barak Obama and John McCain for a debate.


My boy Caleb is passionate for the Carolina Hurricanes.


Martha and I visiting a church in Ashland City, TN that both of our dad’s were Pastor at different times.


With some special children in Swaziland Africa after speaking at Healing Place Church Swazi.


My daughter Caroline feeding children in Swaziland at one of the Care Points for children affected by AIDS.


Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the C3 Café & The Source with Senator Fred Smith and friends.


C3 Kids ministry getting crazy at KCG (kids connect groups) on Sunday nights.


My boy Caleb playing soccer.  He was awarded MVP of his team.  I’m a proud dad.


Cards on the cross at C3 after a service.  Sins forgiven!  Burdens gone!  Chains are broken!


Bonus pic:  Greg Surratt surfing.  Not sure why he doesn’t have his wet suit on.


  • caleb fry

    these are crazy pics. (and i am in most of them)

  • Great pictures, Matt. However, you missed a picture of one of the most significant days of the year: September 11. You’ll find a picture of you with a wise sage.

  • Karen

    Awesome year – for C3 and the Frys!
    Happy new year

  • al

    HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Hey, C3 folks (especially those C3 folks in the Garner area!!!) Pastor Matt will be speaking at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on 07 January
    meal starts at 7:30 AM!!! At Aversboro Road Baptist Church. Was wondering if some
    C3 folks from this area would like to be in the place to support prayer in our community
    (ESPECIALLY with this prayer being ENCOURAGED by an ELECTED official!!) AND how cool would it be to have a BUNCH of C3 folks in ‘da house!!!! If you can be late to work on this day (these usually last around an hour) AND YOU WANT TO EAT, call city hall at 772-4688 so they will have enough food. If you don’t care to eat but want to be there in support of prayer and Pastor Matt….JUST SHOW UP!!!! Let’s show
    the Garner community something about C3!!!!!

  • Caroline Fry

    Yay!! I’m in 4 of the pictures!!