TLW Rocked!

This past Sunday night, C3 students sponsored a True Love Waits rally. Hundreds of students and leaders filled the worship center for an amazing night of worship, give-aways, and guest speaker (and crazy man) Robbie Robison from Nashville, TN.
The students were challenged to stay morally pure until marriage, and to fall in love with Jesus. It was amazing to see over 200 students sign a commitment that they would keep God first in this area of their life. Let’s pray for our students as they make a difference for God!

  • Lil’ Rev.

    Heck yeah!!! It was a great time for all. The commitment of the youth was awesome to see and the unity of the leaders pulling everything together great.
    Events like this can change people’s lives forever. It changed mine 10 years ago and I still hold to that promise, Praise God. Speakers like Robbie really bless others, allowing God to channel it right through to the heart to become a part of who the person is for the Lord. Thanks for bringing him Pastor!
    BTW…we are praying for and with you man! The vision is too great and the road ahead is distant, so no worries (only trusting the Lord).

  • Brittany

    oh my gosh!! that rally was awesome with CAPITAL LETTERS!! God is deffedantly doing something in our church and i continue to pray everyday for more and more students to make a difference for christ!!!
    — Brittany—

  • Gloria

    YES it was sooooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!