Sunday Mornings on Thursday Nights!

As most of you know, we tried something new this summer with our "Sunday Mornings on Thursday Nights" to create a time for people who cannot attend church on the weekends and to free up weekends for family vacations.  Thursday night service has been beyond what we even expected and the stories we have heard are amazing! 

After experiencing the energy that Thursday Night Services have and seeing all that God is doing, we have decided to continue our Thursday night service through this year!

If you haven't attended a Thursday Night Sevice, I would encourage you to check it out! And for those who have come and have seen that there's something special about that service, I'm asking you to make Thursday night church your service to attend for the rest of the year

And don’t just attend.. but serve and bring someone with you that may need HOPE! 

  • Frank Lacey

    Very cool. We will have to make the trek and check it out. I’m so glad you had a great summer with these services!

  • AWESOME!!!