Thinking… “Outside the Box”

This past weekend I had the opportunity to experience worship at C3 in a unique way.  As we continued the “twelve” series I asked Scott Randlett to speak (and he hit a home run talking about Andrew) so it gave me a weekend to look at our church from a fresh perspective.

  • Saturday Night I worshiped at our 6:00pm service in the worship center with approx. 1000 people.  I love Saturday night!  If I had to choose just one service to attend I would come to Saturday night… just has a cool flow.  I was so proud of Martha, the C3 worship team, tech team, and Scott for leading us in a powerful time of worship.
  • Sunday, 9:15am I worshipped with the elementary children in the Multipurpose Center (old worship center).  These kids are on fire!  I loved the worship and dance flow they’ve got going on.  We can all learn from their passion!  It’s contagious.  So proud of Tami Poland and the Next Generation team. Then I went to the C3 Café and continued to worship with about 25 others.  I was amazed at the quality of the live feed and how many were worshiping with their Bibles open, taking notes as Scott preached.  Some even asked me where they should put their offering.
  • Sunday, 11:15am I watched the service LIVE from my home on  It was so cool to be able to worship online.  I could sense the power of God, then I listened to the message and was able to go into the chat room and discuss with others their thoughts during the sermon. I was also amazed at the quality of the worship and message. (so proud of the C3 tech team!)  We had a couple of hundred worshipping online throughout the weekend from Tokyo to Alabama to Baghdad.  One family watched the 9:15 service online and decided to jump in the car and attend the 11:15 service on campus for the first time.


After experiencing the same service in three very different ways it got me to thinking… and then praying, and asking God what does the future of C3 look like?  I think we need to continue to think outside the box… outside the worship center box and continue to dream of ways to get the Word of God and the Love of God to others in unique ways.  What have been your worship experiences?  What are some other ways that we can think “outside the box”?

  • Dawn

    We hooked the computer up to the TV and watched the 9:15 service on TV. It was awesome!

  • Rod

    Great blog!
    It has been impressed on my heart for us to take C3 physically away from Clayton.
    I can vision campuses in cities and towns both large and small throughout North Carolina and beyond.
    God is working at C3.
    I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us to expand the Kingdom of God.

  • Jane – The figs

    thanks for thinking outside the box b/c that’s why God planted our family @ C3. God is only limited to what we limit Him to. His power is limitless, His ways are know no boundaries, His thoughts are greater!

  • Mike Figs

    I love how C3 church reaches out in as many ways as possible. You can tell that spreading the love and teachings of JESUS is the main focus. I am proud to be part of this “twelve”(or a little bit more then 12)and the vision C3 stands firmly on. Everytime i mention C3 to someone they immediately say “Wow, i heard of that church and it is growing”. That just confirms to my family and i that GOD is involved in what is happening and is pleased.

  • Christina

    I am extremely blessed to be able to physically attend C3 and for the amazing things God is doing there and to my family. I am so proud to be a part of this church. I am so excited that people from around the world can witness the energy and message of God being relayed at C3. I’ve watched the Saturday service live and then my family attends the 9:15 service. I have e-mailed my family in Wilmington and in NY so that they can watch the service as well. They do not attend church and my hope is that they may come to know Jesus and He may enter their hearts. Thank you so much for making that even possible to happen!

  • Kirby Canada

    Let me first say that I praise God every day for bringing my family and I to C3, “THE House of GOD”, so that we can finally be planted. We never hesitate to drive 36 miles one way 3 to 4 times a week to Worship, Connect and Serve. It was truly an outside of the box encounter that brought us to C3. What’s next for C3? C3 TV? Or can we take it to the next level like Sherwood Baptist Church and deliver something supernatural like “Fireproof” via C3 Pictures? I know we have the creative individuals to make it happen and funding might be accomplished by Kingdom Builders. What message should we deliver?