They Are Pouring The Concrete!

Monday morning starting at about 5am we took another BIG step in seeing the Dream come true here at C3. The concrete was poured for our new worship center! In just a couple of weeks we should see the steel construction taking place. These are exciting days at C3!
If you want to see the video of the concrete being poured you can click here. Check out their equipment…the big machine that looks like a monster is a one million dollar piece of equipment. As Bishop TD Jakes says, …“We aint building no chicken coop!”
And don’t forget! You can always check out updates and pictures at The Dream Website!

  • Bruce

    Awesome video and music. God is awesome!

  • Steve Caronna

    I am so excited about your new building! I’m sure you’ll need it way before it’s done as much as you are growing. (You probably need it NOW!!!) Connie and I are very proud of you and the work you are doing!
    I noticed that we are not in your list of cool churches…I’m doing my best to be cool, but you’ve gotta realize that when you’re over 50…

  • Al and Sue

    What an awesome display of what God is doing a C3. Wish we could have been there to see the action. We look forward to seeing more building progress updates.

  • Duane

    Looks great Pastor! Can’t wait to come by C3 and see the progress. God is good!

  • I think all I can actually say is, “WOW!” That machine looks impressive, especially with it all jagged up in the air, but I know that it won’t be as impressive as the building as soon as it’s complete!

  • Chad

    Quite impressive what God is doing – I can not wait to see it this weekend. Let’s stay on schedule and pray we’ll be in by Christmas!

  • way cool. can’t wait till we can show similar pics – getting close.
    it would be a mighty huge chicken coop.
    congrats on the big step forward!