These Guys Are Hilarious!

You’ve got to check out this video by my friends Greg and Geoff Surratt from Seacoast Church. (click here to watch it) They will be both be speaking at our ACCELERATE CONFERENCE, August 22-23 here at C3 Church. This conference is for all pastors, church staff, leaders and anyone who wants to go to the next level in their ministry to others.  If you would like to register or get more info go to


We will continue our One Prayer series this weekend and it is also our KINGDOM BUILDERS update weekend.  I am so pumped to share with you all that God is doing here at C3… the lives that are being changed… and the exciting things that are happening on our campus with the new C3 Cafe and The Source, as well as what God is doing around the world.  These are exciting days!  To get some cool updates and pics of the C3 Cafe go to

  • Ohio Natives!

    Hey Greg,
    Hope you find us in NC… The Cleveland Ohio Tribe is AWESOME!!! (Bad season or not) Wahoo!
    Can’t wait to accelerate with you guys!

  • pipes

    Accelerate is going to be “off the chain”! Can’t wait to see what God does through the ministry of C3 as we hook up with other leaders in the area.
    And this weekend with KB (aka Kingdom Builders) will be incredible as well!