The Revolution Has Begun!

What an amazing weekend!…our prayer was that this would be the most dynamic experience our students have ever seen. And God did more than what we asked. The Youth Quest teams, led by Chris Pope, did an amazing job leading the small groups and the rallies. One memory that will never leave my mind, was the sight on Sunday night at the end of the service as Adam McCain asked the students if they wanted to be prayed for to make a difference (and not waste their life), to come forward and one of the C3 leaders would pray over them. Over a hundred students literally ran to the front to be prayed for as the Youth Quest band led us in worship. The whole weekend was filled with “God Moments”… Spontaneous times of prayer, worship, and responding to God… students on their knees crying out to God.
You can check out the podcast of the weekend message and the Sunday night rally of Revolution with Adam McCain from Dallas, TX.
I also want to congratulate the 6th grade boys and the 10-12th grade girls for winning the Mall Scavenger Hunt.
Let’s pray that God will use this generation to ignite a revolution that will change the world!

  • clay baggett

    Wow!!!!!! God is good. What a powerful weekend.

  • Erika Atkinson

    This weekend meant so much to my family and I.
    My daughter has an anxiety disorder and will worry herself into physical sickness.
    The C3 family and your messages has helped her fight some of her fears, but she still struggles. She also shines when helping me in the preschool ministry. She has an amazing love of children and really wants to please God and the people of this church.
    She had went to Impact a few times and then to Fusion a few times, but her anxiety got the best of her and she began instead to help with childcare for our connect group. I didn’t push it because I didn’t want her to hate the thought of going.
    So, when Revolution was first mentioned, I completely put it out of my mind. There was no way my daughter would spend the night at someone’s home she didn’t know. Then a week or so before Revolution began a member of my team asked Macenzi if she was going to Revolution and Mac, of course, said she wasn’t.
    Well at the time this team member thought that she would be a host home and told Mac that she could stay with her. Mac was very stressed about this. She kept asking me, “Is she serious, because I don’t want her to get mad at me if I can’t do it”. I assured her that this lady was very sweet and only wanted her to experience this life changing event. I remembered going to camp with church and having the time of my life and now thinking this is probably the closest I could get her to go to camp, but the look on my child’s face told me that just the thought of this was so upsetting that there was no possiblity it would happen.
    I should have known that God would take that as a challenge!
    Two days before Revolution started I was sending out one of my weekly emails to my team and needed to go to the C3 website to copy and paste the “upcoming events”. Revolution caught my eye and I am telling you, Pastor Matt, I heard God’s voice say to me, “She needs to go…she must go”.
    I didn’t think twice about having to possibly force her to go. I didn’t think about her getting ill at the thought of going. I bowed my head and prayed that if this was in fact God’s will and not mine that it would fall into place and that God would place in her a desire to go.
    I then emailed Carlyn asking if I could choose the host home because I thought if she were staying at my team members house, well, at least she knew her. Carlyn called me back with in a couple of minutes of receving my email and she told me that my team member was not a host home. I didn’t even get discouraged. She told me that your family and another family were host homes. I knew that Mac knew Gloria from the Outer Limits and I thought, “Well God, that’s a start”. I asked Carlyn who were the other 6th grade girls staying there and she told me and that same team members daughter and another team members daughters were staying there. I felt in my heart this is where God wanted her to be.
    I called my daughter downstairs and laid it out for her. I did tell her that if she did this she would have to follow through with it but that it would be worth it if she could set aside her fears and trust in God. I expected at least some resistance. Some whining and possible yelling.
    After taking her to church Friday night and seeing just so many new faces and lots of activity, I admit I had my doubts that she would stay. After dropping her off, I got into my car and prayed. A verse in Matthew came into my mind and I could hear God saying, “Oh you of little faith, when will you see?” I let it go right then. I knew that God would take care of her and that this was out of my hands and my control. She was His now.
    My husband came home from serving at the rally Saturday and said that Macenzi had told him that she was “having too good of a time”.
    Well, Pastor not only did she stay the whole weekend. She had a life changing good time and has decided to return to Fusion each Sunday!
    For my family, this was a miracle.
    “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” to all who had anything to do with this incredible weekend!

  • Jane from The Figs

    this week-end was heart-stirring & spirit-moving for all. God’s glory spread over every single person in attendance, not only for Revolution, but also for those who attended any of the celebration services. as a parent, i’m overcome with such joy & gratefulness to our Maker, for allowing me to witness my sons relationship with God, their Father, take a turn towards such intimacy. they no longer have a faith they adopted from their parents, instead they are experiencing having a personal & genuine connection with their Creator. as parents, one often wonders with statistics that say only 4% of students raised in “church” continue growing in their faith, if our children will fall in that 4%. mike & i have been pro-active in instilling in our sons the importance of nurturing their own personal relationship with God, but one wonders, is that enough. in reality, it’s not. it is an integral part of the equation, but the other part needs to come from each individual. they need to make the choice to follow Jesus Christ on their own, it’s not something i can force. however, it is something that i can pray for. it is my declaration that the God i love & that my sons have seen me love their whole lives, becomes as real to them as He is to me. this week-end my eyes were opened to the beauty & timing of God. how in His perfect time & throne of eternity, He’s lovingly stirring my sons & gently pulling them in with soft whispers, calling them to Him. the beauty is that they’re hearing Him calling out to them. knowing God, feeling God, speaking with God, just having Him be real to me is part of who i am. but to participate as He becomes real, not only to my sons, but to the students, is beyond words. it’s unexplainable & believe it or not, leaves me speechless. what a loving Father we have that allows to see glimpses of His glory all around us………