The World’s Greatest

OK. It’s time for the results… The worlds greatest hot dog or at least according to this blog (plus or minus 5) is…The Carolina Packer!  Here are the favorites (in order):

– Carolina Packer (21)
– Hebrew National (4)
– Ball Park (2)
– Sabrett’s (2)
– Oscar Meyer (1)

This past Wednesday night we ate over 2000 hot dogs at the C3 Vision Night.



This weekend we are launching a new series called The Kingdom. I believe this will be a life changing series. I will be speaking on the weekend and connect groups will be meeting throughout the week to discuss and apply Gods Word.


  • ken

    Great night. over 2000 is a record. Nice to see Red ranked at the top. Looking forward to the teaching on The Kingdom.

  • Dan

    Wow, That was a lot of fun. I think the message was right on and God really showed up!!!