The Power of the Cross

Yesterday will go down as one of the most powerful days at C3.  God laid a special message on my heart to help people that feel like they are in a pit and can’t get out… which meant that on Friday afternoon I TOTALLY changed my sermon.  And if you know anything about my personality… that’s hard for me to do.  We have been in a series based on Proverbs called "GPS: Getting God’s Direction For Your Life." But a GPS doesn’t help you when you are in a pit!  One young woman handed me a note during the worship and response time yesterday…  She said that the sermon was for her.

“I am in a pit. My fiancé committed suicide in front of me by shooting himself.  I am having a hard time getting through it.  I had waited so long to start that phase of my life.  What I finally had found was ripped away from me. This happened in December and our wedding date was going to be in May.  I am hurt, confused, and angry.  I feel robbed and don’t understand why at my age I don’t have a family.  I am deep in a pit and I didn’t ask for it and I want to get out.”

At the end of each service we had three crosses at the front and asked people if they were in a pit to write it down on a piece of paper and nail it to the cross.  Hundreds of people came to the front and put their “pit” on the cross.  It was one of those God moments that you had to be there to experience. We worshipped and prayed, and God moved big time.  If you weren’t there you can check out the vodcast or podcast.


(here’s a picture of one of the three crosses after the service… paper filled both sides of the crosses)

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and we are going to wrap up the GPS series.  I can’t wait…. I have a feeling that God’s going to continue what He’s started.
Side note: our praise team did an awesome job and they led us in a new song by Hillsong, “In Your Freedom”, Saviour King album.  Go to iTunes and check it out.

  • Erin

    Powerful weekend. It was amazing to see how people of all ages responded to God. Great message, great worship…awesome service! Can’t wait for this weekend.

  • Cory

    It was an amazingly powerful weekend, and a privilege to be able to agree with people in prayer that God would get them out of their pit. Thanks for being so open to speak what God wants us to hear!

  • Karen

    Thanks for letting go of the plan and following God on a Friday afternoon. Incredible message. Thank you.
    If anyone missed it, please listen.

  • Lisa

    Pastor Matt – I was feeling so down the week before church. When I read the top of the sermon notes,I thought Wow! this was meant for my life at this very moment. I was in the deep pits (or dark hole as I’ve described to others before) My job security is unstable, I’m struggling with school, my finances and my relationship with my husband are strained.I’ve struggle with depression for years, and in moments of weaksness was having split moment decisions about how life would be much easier if I didn’t wake up tomorrow. After hearing the message, I felt so light. God took the heavy burdens of my heart when I gave them to him.I plan to use the podcast during those dark times to remind myself to look to God instead of my problems. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Its changed my life, but more importantly my outlook on it. PS You all should have handed out kleenex along with the pens this week! LOL 🙂

  • Dan

    What an amazing day at C3. Its awesome to see what God is doing.