The Power of Prayer

We are on week two of our Uprising series and this weekend Matt delivered a strong and encouraging word on the power of prayer.  God designed prayer as a lifestyle of open communication with Him, and there are no limitations set on when or how often we can pray.  I love that God is always available and that He already knows my heart – on my good days and my not so good days!

Our key passage this week is Ephesians 1:15-23.  These scriptures remind us how to pray as God 'continues to open the eyes of our heart'.  Our prayers are not just for ourselves, but we are also to pray for others.  Everyday I try to spend time praying for Matt and for my kids, as well as that God would do a work in my life.

To experience an uprising in our prayer life, we must…
1. Realize that HOPE (confidence in God) comes from God 
2. Pray that others would receive the riches of Christ b/c we have an inheritance in Jesus 
3. Pray that we will receive the power that comes from God – His resurrection power and His dominion power

This morning in our Connect Group we compared our conversations with our husbands to our prayer life.  For instance in our relationship with our husbands, sometimes our conversations happen in the middle of a busy kitchen while our kids are running around us and other times they happen in a quiet place, just the two of us, completely focused on one another.  The same can be true of our prayer life.  Every time we pray, it doesn't have to be completely quiet with soft music in the background.  Sometimes it happens in a carpool line with a baby crying in the backseat!  Now, it can't always be like that.  We need to make an effort, just like with our husbands, to set aside time for it to be us and God.  

If this is something that is new for you, let me pass along something I learned that has been so helpful to me called the 'ACTS' prayer.  You can get a journal and use this acronym to guide your prayer life…

A – Adoration – praise God for who He is (our provider, our healer, our Father, our creator…)

C – Confession – confess your sins; sometimes we forget to confess things to God that He has done; if you can't think of anything, ask God to bring things to mind and…He will!

T – Thanksgiving – thank God for all the things He has done and for the people in your life

S – Supplication – pray for others – pray for your husband, your children, your friends, and your co-workers

Prayer is a powerful tool!  The more we pray and seek God, the more we know Him and He can work in our lives.

Praying for you,

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