The Language of Love

I am so excited about this weekend at C3 as we continue the Give Love Away series.  I'm so honored to be team-teaching with Matt this weekend as we talk about the five love languages.  

You may be thinking, "I didn't realize that love had languages!"  So, this is going to be a GREAT weekend to come to C3!  No matter where you are in life… single or engaged, married or single again…young adult or later in life :)…this is going to be a great message for you.  

Some questions you may ask yourself after this weekend are…How do I receive love?  How does my husband/wife receive love?  How do my children show love and like to be shown love?  

When you learn about your love languages and the love languages of the people in your life, we can take our love to  whole new levels!

So see you this weekend and if you can't make it to C3 for a service, check it out on Live Feed.  

See you this weekend!

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