The Great I AM

This past weekend I shared a message from Matthew 3 and John 1 as we continued our Yeshua series. When John the Baptist was asked who he was he told them I am not the Christ. I am just a voice in the wildernesses.

In Exodus 3 God tells Moses that his name is I AM who I AM. Our God is the Great I AM! He is more than enough for all that we need. If you would like to hear the entire message you can watch it here or listen on our podcast. Some have asked me to post the list of the I AM's that I shared in this message so here it is…

I AM the Alpha

I AM the Omega

I AM the beginning

I AM the end

I AM the way

I AM the truth 

I AM the life

I AM the same yesterday

I AM the same today

I AM the same forever

I AM your solution,

I AM your sustainer

I AM your restorer

I AM your healer

I AM your life giver

I AM God and there is no one besides me

I AM the Lord and there is no other

I AM Yeshua the God who saves!

I AM who I AM that is my name

That is my memorial name for your generation and for every generation forever and ever!

I AM God!

We also did a new song called the Great I Am by New Life Worship. Check it out here.