The Day After

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I did. We spent it with family and took some time to let each person say something they were Thankful for. It was interesting that just about everybody there said something to do with people. Which just goes to show, at the end of the day, it is not things that are important, but it is people.

I said I was thankful for a christian family, both my family and Matt’s. I was thankful that I had great in-laws who loved God and raised their son to love God. When I was single, I used to pray that God would bless me with great in-laws who would be fun to be around. And God answered that prayer. Even though both of Matt’s parents are in Heaven, they left a great legacy in Matt, and I get to live in the blessing of that legacy every day – for that I am thankful.

Ok – now Thanksgiving is over – who went shopping? Oh yeah! I went – I didn’t get goofy and go at 5:00am, but I did start at 7:00am with my mom and sisters.

But here is a word of wisdom for you. DON’T GO INTO DEBT buying gifts for everybody. Matt and I always set a budget, and it is within our means, and that helps us not go crazy. When you have a budget and you are committed to staying within that budget it causes you to get creative. There were years we didn’t buy for each other because we wanted to buy for the kids and didn’t have the money to do both. There were years our kids got one or two gifts, and you know what it was still a great Christmas. (we only buy our kids 3 gifts because Baby Jesus only got 3, and my kids don’t need more than Baby Jesus)

One more word of wisdom this Christmas season. Do something for somebody else. We are blessed to BE a blessing. Angel Tree is a great way to do that. Some kids will not have any gifts – we can bless and let them know God loves and cares for them. And it helps you and your kids get your eyes off your wishlist and thinking of others.

Have a great day and I will see you this weekend!

  • dan

    This was an awesome time for our family. Thanks for the words of advice! I know random acts of kindness can and do make a difference in both the receiver and the giver.

  • Your teaching was great this weekend! (Ken even made a comment that you are an awesome speaker). Thanks also for being such a great example of walking with Christ. I am thankful for having a sister like you that I can learn and grow from.

  • Karen

    Last night I met a little girl named Katie gave her Magic Tree House books to a little boy on the Angel Tree. She was so excited to give them to him. She reminded me that Christmas isn’t about what we get, but what we give — from our hearts! Thanks to you, and Pastor Matt, for leading the way. What an incredible church to call “family”!
    Merry Christmas!