The Church That I See…

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of spending some time with Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia. He shared with a small group of pastors the vision that has shaped Hillsong for many years, "The Church that I See".  Every time I read this it inspires me to keep dreaming big dreams for God, so I posted it below.  You can also watch their Vision Night video HERE. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

The Church that I see is a Church of influence. A Church so large in size that the city and nation cannot ignore it. A Church growing so quickly that buildings struggle to contain the increase.

I see a Church whose heartfelt praise and worship touches Heaven and changes earth; worship which influences the praises of people throughout the earth, exalting Christ with powerful songs of faith and hope.

I see a Church whose altars are constantly filled with repentant sinners responding to Christ's call to salvation.

Yes, the Church that I see is so dependent on the Holy Spirit that nothing will stop it nor stand against it; a Church whose people are unified, praying and full of God's Spirit.

The Church that I see has a message so clear that lives are changed forever and potential is fulfilled through the power of His Word; a message beamed to the peoples of the earth through their television screens.

I see a Church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving and friendly circle of hope, where answers are found and acceptance is given.

I see a people so Kingdom-minded that they will count whatever the cost and pay whatever the price to see revival sweep this land.

The Church that I see is a Church so committed to raising, training and empowering a leadership generation to reap the end-time harvest that all its ministries are consumed with this goal.

I see a Church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission.


Tonight at 7:00pm, at the Renaissance Hotel ball room, North Hills, I will have the privilege of sharing the vision for the new C3 Church Raleigh campus.  This will be our FIRST gathering in Raleigh to share with the triangle area what we are dreaming about. We will be launching C3 Raleigh on March 29 in the Regal Cinema at North Hills.  You can stay up to date on all of the events by following @C3Raleigh on Twitter and by joining the C3 Church Raleigh Facebook group.  Help us spread the word!

  • Jackie Giannattasio

    North Hills Cinema will not be able to hold all the lost souls coming on March 28. People are eager to hear God’s words and God will increase where I hope you have some where else planned for the next weeks meeting place. God is going to increase. I just know.

  • Jim Evans

    Awesome Matt!! This is the church Jesus builds that causes the gates of hell to tremble and fall. May God’s grace and glory move into Raleigh through His church.