The Best Thing About Vacation…

You get to see family (if you choose).

You get to sleep in.

You get to go places like Locust Grove, OK, or Disney – we chose Locust Grove, Oklahoma.  It is more country and gets us back to nature!

You do things that are not part of your daily routine.  Like horse back riding.

You get to sleep in.

We go visit churches and meet great people, like the GUTS church with Pastor Bill and Sandy Scheer.

Pastor Bill Scheer rides a Harley and they have a 100 mile motorcycle ride.  It is a huge event and 1000’s of people come and they give a Harley away. Matt wants me to get a vision for a gift for him.

You get to sleep in.

Of course you go shopping, even if it is an Amish Store – everything is all natural – no preservatives.

And you get make-overs at the mall.

And you get to sleep in.

To me the best thing about a vacation is you break your routine and slow down.  I exercised everyday and read books and played games and dreamed.  But the best thing is just being with my family.  No matter what we do or don’t do, we do it together as a family.

And of course sleep in. 🙂

  • Seriously LOVED spending time with all of you!!!!! I am still sad that you had to leave. Makes me miss you guys more after getting to spend so much time with you the past few weeks. And the kiddos … make me feel soooooo special!!!!! I love being loved!

  • I don’t know… Locust Grove, spring time in tornado alley, or Disney, spring time in sunny Florida… I might have to pick Disney!!!