Tomorrow morning, just after the sun comes up, students from elementary school age through college will be gathering at their school flagpoles to take a stand for Christ on their campus. See You At the Pole (SYATP) started with one student who was courageous in his stand for Christ, and has exploded into an annual tradition for students of all ages in the United States.

As their fellow classmates arrive on campus, they will see these students lifting their schools, their teachers, and their classmates in prayer, and winning their schools for Christ.

Parents can join their students and pray with them for their schools. The students will gather at their flagpole 30 minutes before the bell rings at their school.

Our students have been praying up this event for several weeks and this past Sunday we had an awesome SYATP Rally with students from many other churches in the area. Over 665 people were here on campus to worship God and prepare for this Wednesday. It was incredible to see the energy and excitement these students had for taking a stand at their schools.

Let’s be in prayer tomorrow for our students, our teachers, and our schools. Pray that tomorrow’s stand will by a catalyst for change in our school systems this year.

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