SYATP Rally This Sunday!

This Sunday night at 5pm, C3 Church is hosting the annual See You At The Pole Rally. Our special guest is one of the leading groups in Christian music today, recording artist Tree 63 from South Africa. Check this out… they have a brand new CD coming out on Tuesday, so I’m sure we’re going to hear some fresh stuff from them!
The event will also include the testimonies of students from the area Middle Schools and High Schools and a powerful message from our new Minister of Students Scott Randlett!
The purpose of the rally is to prepare and challenge all of our students as they gather at their flagpole for the See You At The Pole 2007 on Wednesday morning, September 26 before school. This prayer movement began with a small group of students from Burleson, TX in 1990 praying at their high school flagpole for their school and for our country… it has grown to a prayer movement of over 3 million students praying all over the globe. Let’s pray with our students for God to do great things on our campuses, our community and our country!

  • Dan

    Its going to be awesome. Come experience it for your self!!!

  • pipes

    Tonight is going to be off the chain! I can’t wait to see/hear Tree63 and our new Minister of High School, Scott Randlett. I believe God is going to ignite passion in the hearts of our students and bring revival to our schools!

  • Bill Rose

    Sunday Night Rocked!! Tree 63 was great and Everyone in the building had a fabulous time. Scott’s message was right on point too…I am very excited about the next few years for our students…